Dell’s New Mini 9 – I want one.

September 13, 2008

Dag, this thing looks cool.  Small enough to comfortably stick in a backpack, and with a solid state drive so I don’t need to worry about it getting knocked around a little bit.  They start priced at $349.

Not to mention, it comes preloaded with Ubuntu!   Dell will be including all the audio and video codecs you will need for playing any kind of media, and all the hardware is obviously fully supported.  This takes care of the two biggest challenges that come with using Ubuntu.  Mmm, sweet Wifi.  I wonder if it comes preloaded with Ubuntu Netbook Remix?

When I get mine, I’ll definitely need to get the webcam add-on for making video calls over the internet.  I’ll also consider upping the RAM to 1GB, and possibly the solid state drive to 8 GB.

I expect that I would mostly use it for browsing the internet and VOIP video calling through Skype, but I’ll also be running applications off my server through ssh with X11 forwarding.

For those that haven’t used X11 forwarding before, it’s an amazing technology.  For example, I keep all of my documents and pictures on my server, but I can run the media viewing software through my network or even across the internet, allowing me to read my documents or view my photos without the software or media installed on the computer I’m sitting in front of.  And since none of it resides on the laptop, I don’t need the space to store it, or the processing power to run it – the server handles all of that.  For more on how to use X11 forwarding over ssh, I’ll be covering the topic in an upcoming post.  You can even play games using this method!  Of course, performance is dependent on how fast your network connection is.

If you want to read more about this excellent device, or build your own, click this link to go to the Dell site.

Update: According to the Canonical Blog, the Inspiron Mini 9 does not use the Ubuntu Netbook Remix launcher, but has it’s own custom launcher, visible here.


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